Past Event | BITConME

The Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit ( BII SUMMIT )

Is the largest event of its kind in the region. This business driven event attracts over 1200 delegates globally and remains the only Blockchain event in the Middle East which focuses on case-study based presentations in ongoing and upcoming Blockchain based projects.

It is with no surprise that the world (as we know it) is changing drastically with rapid improvements been achieved in Blockchain innovation. This has inspired several government entities to embark on Blockchain technology based projects.

The Dubai Government has yet again set the trail by implementing the Dubai Blockchain Strategy 2020, an initiative which is deemed to usher in economic opportunity for all sectors in the city.

At the Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit, all participants get to experience a unique platform as they listen to experts from leading Blockchain companies around the globe on an event format which drives unmatchable business development opportunities.

Past Event Speakers

Simon Cocking

Founder / Senior Editor of Irish Tech News

Sally Eaves

CTO and Thought Leader in Emergent Technology

Haji Zamzuri Abdul Majid

CEO at Ultroneum

Dana Farbo

COO and Investor at Augmate

Nikita Anufriev

Founder & CEO at DateCoin

Stefan Hickmott

Founder and CEO at Evareium

Eran Eyal

CEO and Co-Founder at Shopin

Daniel Gouldman

Co-Founder at Ternio

Dimitry Doronin

CEO at MDL Talent Hub

Patrick Tomelitsch

Founder at Cultural Places

Dejan Roljic

CEO & Founder at Eligma

Gary Markham

Co-Founder and CEO at aXpire

Stephan Shakespeare

CEO and Founder at YouGov

Khalid Parekh

CEO and Founder at Amchart

Reggie Middleton

Founder and CEO at Veritaseum

Sergiu Draganus

Co-Founder and Concept Architect at IP Exchange

Philip Lee

CEO and Founder at Volt

Clarence Wooten

Founder and CEO at RoleCoin

Paul Makowski

CTO at PolySwarm

Jon Leonard

CEO at Tautachrome

Daniel Arber

Board Member at

Adam McBride

Co-Founder at Def Foundation

Ruslan Popa

Founder and CEO at Viuly

Daniele Bernardi

CEO at PHItoken

Stanislav Uzunchev

Co-Founder at Ethearnal

Giorgi Topuria

CEO at Kepler Technologies

Ezekiel De Jong

CEO at Satoshis Lotto Land

Prozorov Danila

Founder at FireLotto

Stefan Schmidt

CTO at Unibright